Sean White Board & Apparel Launch

Concept, Art, & Design Direction

Backcountry's creative team launched Shaun White's snowboard and technical apparel brand into not only the outdoor space, but into the larger subsection of outdoor and fashion culture. From our ad spot in the 2022 Olympics to efforts in niche markets - we showed up in a way that both reminisces Shaun's iconic career but also disrupts the outdoor space. This was key to targeting all parts of Backcountry and Shaun's customer base. We struck a balance of premium branding, hype culture, technical outerwear marketing, and pulled from larger cultural trends. Positioning Shaun's brand as a Backcountry exclusive brand without sacrificing the integrity of his name let us propel both parties into selling out every board at launch. In 2022 we will build out a robust branding package that considers the current market and positioning in Shaun's post-olympic trajectory.

Creative Direction
Matt Lambert
Concept, Art & Design Direction, Design
John Klopping & Dan Kent
Ben Kuhns